Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials by hand or by machine to final products, which can be sold to customers.

Manufacturing has 2 main steps:

  1. Recipe: Recipe specifies the raw material or ingredients in exact proporations which should be used for manufacturing the final product. For manufacturing a product standard instructions is followed where ingredients or raw materials are processed in exact quantities to have a quality final product.
  2. Production: Based on the recipe added for products, in production it shows the total quantity of all raw materials required for the manufacturing N quantity of product.

There can be further steps like cost calculations, wastage calculations, allocating lot numbers & expiry for the manufactured product.

Cost Calculations:
The cost of the final product depends on Raw material cost, Production cost (labor cost, machinery cost, fuel cost for machines like Petrol/LPG/Electricity) & Wastages. Further, the selling price will have some profit percentage added to this manufacturing cost.

Wastage Calculations:
Wastage can be of raw materials or final manufactured products.
Wastage of raw materials can be like for example if we take cauliflower, it needs to clean by removing leaves & stems, this goes to the wastage because it’s thrown away and not used.
The manufactured product can sometimes be wasted by leakage or bad quality or some other unstoppable causes.

Lot number:
Generally, most of the manufactured items have Lot numbers which enable tracing of the constituent parts or ingredients as well as labor and equipment records involved in the manufacturing of the product. This enables manufacturers and other entities to perform quality control checks and issue corrections or recall information to subsets of their production output. It also gives consumers an identifier that they can use in contacting the manufacturer and researching the production of goods received.

Expiration Date:
Food products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and many other manufactured products where the age of the product may impact its safe use has an expiry date added to it. An expiration date or expiry date or best-before or use-by date is a previously determined date after which the product should no longer be used.

The manufacturing module helps with all this management easily. 

Further, we also have Permission & Roles to help you restrict users from accessing some features.

Additional settings are provided to enable or disable editing of ingredients quantity when doing production.
Also, prefixes can be added to the product reference number.