Wishing you a Happy New Year 2022

Happy new yearsHow easy it is for us to greet our loved ones at the beginning of the year. H

Happy New Year 2022

Happy new years
How easy it is for us to greet our loved ones at the beginning of the year. Happy New Year. It seems like a year has passed in the blink of an eye!

But going a year is so easy.
Let’s calculate how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds this year has left.

1 year = 365 days.
1 year = 60 hours.
1 year = 525600 minutes
1 year = 31,536,000 seconds.

Farewell 2021. But once you think about the statistics, you will understand how many times in a year you have said goodbye, which is the most valuable asset of life.

Calculation! The position of this word in every field of life. Sometimes calculation of income-expenditure, sometimes calculation of life’s emotions-conscience, sometimes calculation of school examination number and sometimes calculation of life after death.
I am very much reminded of Sukumar Roy’s poem “Account of Life – জীবনের হিসাব” of this moment ….

“The gentleman got on the boat as a hobby
Asked the boatmen, “Can you tell me why the sun rises?”

“বিদ‍্যেবোঝাই বাবুমশাই চড়ি সখের বোটে
মাঝিরে কই,”বলতে পারিস সূর্য কেন উঠে?”

No, we do not have the solution to your life’s accounting. However, Hisab.xyz is by your side to settle all the accounts of your workplace. Upgrade yourself in the new year with time. You can choose Hisab Xyz. If the calculation of your workplace is easy, then the calculation of your personal life will be much easier.
Let your New Year’s reckoning start with us.

Happy New Year to all.
In the new year, be more careful with business accounts than at any other time.

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